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To Stay or Not to Stay

Researcher , University of Oklahoma
Biophysicist. Cule.
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Researcher , University of Oklahoma
Biophysicist. Cule.
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When a player possesses so much power, he becomes more significant than the club. His vanity, however latent it is, maybe so unequivocally accepted, it could easily go overlooked. The attachment will drain the club, destroy the fan-club modality, degrade youths’ potential, and future of the club at large. Such toxicity is also contagious among other teammates, as is evident now for FC Barcelona. A club like ours needs to move on from a transitory subject irrespective of the time he invested in the same jersey.

The problem remains with the presidency and decision making entities of the club fundamentally. Still, any player and prospective staff should not, voluntarily, be a political subject. Players are supposed to play and not be a part of election manifesto, for the latter is about project respective to a quality of play to be adapted and implementation of a philosophy – static or, preferably, dynamic. Financial and administrative duties should no way affect the field milieu and vice versa.

It is not the best of the times for Messi to leave this club (and it might never be), but life isn’t always fair. Ideally, it would be better for him to stay in the club and guide the young lineup to a certain maturity that serves the better good of the club. However, if he has expressed his intention to leave, a club should no longer increase his salary and ask him to stay. Over the years, his comfort around a certain group of players on the field and disagreement with certain staffs and their assistants have directly contributed towards one of the most humiliating events in the history of UCL.

A player is paid to play under an appointed group of tactical staffs, who, in turn, are paid to influence the dynamics of a game. There should not be a mix-up, at least not in the pitch. A leader should not overlook any form of disrespect between players and coaches. Such a captain is a weak captain.

A leader, be it Messi, Bartomeu, or Abidal, who has any ounce of shame left in him, would have resigned right after the stoppage time post 8-2. Messi is a great player, no doubt, but he is not exempt from criticism. The least he could have done was face the camera and apologized like Pique. This game is not only about playing eleven, but it is also about millions of Blaugrana fans around the world.

This does not mean Bartomeu is not the culprit. He is the rat. Eres una rata.



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