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El monstruo de la naturaleza, Messi…

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“Twilight fell: The sky turned to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars.”- J.K Rowling.

Near the end of the day, at dusk, at the top of the hill, bright light, a singing robin, the beautiful-than-ever leaves, and the daylight slowly bleeding outside, it just adds the beauty to an already beautiful evening. The sun slowly sinks below the horizon just like a boat, but round and leaking fire, self-luminous, brightening the world, yet hellishly fading behind the house curtain; the horizon.

And i can’t help but relate this to the magician that is nearing the end of the road, Lionel Messi. The dusk that is him at 33 now, looks bright just like those raging sun rays that just give one beautiful panorama just when it’s melting down the hill itself, and just so he does, distributing goosebumps to the entire world looking at his magic wand, his feet. Though it is what looks to be a beautiful horizon, there seems to be no end to it. He hasn’t shown much signs of going behind the curtains, away from the pitch, rather still gets involved ever so well and more than what he did in the past. There’s no shortness in those jaw dropping passes out of his feet, and those awestruck kicks into the back of the net, and tireless hunger for more that makes you think if he were a human, even after you’ve become so used to his magic in the last one and a half decade. He seems to have a never ending number of tricks up his sleeves, boots rather, and that’s what we hope for, isn’t it?

What can be said really, at the twilight of his extravagant ride dancing around a small sphere, there’s always shortness of words to describe who is a magician, and a rider with no brakes, nearing the finish line, but with still the same hunger, still no thoughts of slowing down, and making the world skip a beat with a bit of shimmy and salsa inside any coliseums he steps into.

Now, at 33, from Rosario, to Barcelona and into millions of hearts, he’s defied the odds from having a disorder,to creating his own wizardry on the football pitch. There is no signs of slowing down, from the get go, 15 years ago, to today, the hunger still exists, the hunger to win it all, the hunger to guide the team to the very top and the hunger to be the best at what he is, the very best.

Some say he’s nearing the end of the road, but he is still at the top of the heap. Who knows what looks like the end of the road is just a bend?! A bend, that is not the end, and he makes a turn, which he sure will, and again prevail to the glory days that once we have always witnessed with a smile on his face.

Feliz 33 cumpleaños Lionel Andrés Messi, Lo mejor del mundo.


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