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Barca decides to sell Camp Nou’s naming rights to join the fight against COVID-19

FC Barcelona, with an official statement on Tuesday, has decided to sell Camp Nou’s naming rights to support the fight against COVID-19. The iconic stadium will have a naming-rights sponsor for the first time since it opened in 1957. 

What will happen to the Camp Nou now? 

Like Manchester City’s stadium is called the Etihad stadium and Arsenal has Emirates, Barca too will have a commercial sponsor in their stadium’s name. However, the statement reads that the tag “Camp Nou” should follow the sponsor’s name even after the naming rights are sold.

Similarly, FC Barcelona have now handed the stadium to Barca Foundation for the time being. The foundation will now start finding an interested firm for the sponsorship, vice-president Jordi Cardoner explained.

What are the procedures? 

The sponsorship tenure, as proposed, will be valid for a season i.e. for 2020/2021. However, the proposed sponsor will have to be approved by the Association of Directors before the deal is finalised. Similarly, the ticketing rights will be with FC Barcelona itself. 

Why is it necessary?  

The move aims to facilitate the club’s fight against COVID-19, which ofcourse is a good course. The club was already preparing to sell its naming rights after Espai Barca Project, which will see the Camp Nou upgrade from a 99,000 seater to a 105,000 seater. Similarly, the deal, as of now, is for just a year and club can contribute a sum of money without stressing its already declining value because of the crisis. 

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Club’s module of the Camp Nou after Espai Barca Project.


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