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Jordi Alba, known as El Ferrari, was taken as one of the promising player when he played as LB at Valencia during 2010-11. He was raised in La Masia but failed to break through to the senior side and he was released by Barca in 2005. But then his performance gone noticed. With Eric Abidal diagnosed with cancer, Alba was brought back to Barcelona as the ultimate replacement of Abidal. He was very quick and attack-minded. He started playing as LB since 2012-13 as he joined Blaugrana from Valencia outfit. At the end of the season, he was considered as one of the best LBs in the world but still some people doubted his defensive abilities.

The following season  2013-14 went normally for the player but the emergence of Neymar Jr at the left flank as LW, the role of Jordi Alba was limited. Most of the time, Neymar collected the ball from Alba in center line and he used to run on his own. Alba was just utilized to cover the loose balls and numerous dispossession of Neymar. He seemed to be clueless who just runs after ball but doesn’t know what more to do with ball. He just ran and ran covering Neymar and he was limited to less attack as Neymar covered most of the area in the left flank. The true attacking abilities of Alba were barely seen. Many people started calling him overrated. His actual abilities were not seen by football pundits. Even cules started doubting his abilities and board brought Lucas Digne for the competition. Maybe the worst competition according to abilities of both players.

But after the departure of Neymar , Alba is free to attack more and show his actual abilities. He has been showing his actualities with the defensive and attacking work rates. Though, only few games have been played under Ernesto Valverde this season, Alba has impressed way too much than he did in previous seasons when he shared the left flank with Neymar. With Neymar, it wasn’t the same playing style. He was given more freedom and the way Barca was playing; it wasn’t that what we were known for. Though we won the treble, the game we played under Luis Enrique was never much of the team game but were individual brilliance. Even the great magician Iniesta and midfield maestro Busquets seemed isolated in the middle of the park with the changed style of game. But now, Barca has been playing their old style game again and we can see what Jordi Alba is capable of it. It may be too early to say but he again can rebuild hi

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