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Good bye Neymar, Messi’s Special Friend!

With Neymar’s departure, we say goodbye to the MSN and to one of the best duos of all time: Messi & Neymar.

Despite some concerns, you could tell they would be an instant success as Ney rejected more money from others to play with his “idol” Messi.T he 1st season was difficult, but it was clear that there was a special connection similar to the one between a young Messi and Ronaldinho. Growing up playing the “samba” style of Brazil, Messi showed him the “tiki taka” ways of Barcelona and Ney soon mastered it.The following season saw Suarez arrive to form the MSN and they would dominate football en route to a treble in their 1st season. Messi’s clipped passes to Neymar became common viewing as Messi and Neymar linked up to devastating effect from opposite wings. The Champions League trophy eluded them the next two years but another 6 trophies were won showing just how impressive they were.Their almost telepathic understanding was a joy to behold as you could tell just how much they enjoyed playing together. They were always smiling, joking, and scoring. And, in full flow, there was nothing more beautiful to watch in world football.

To make it work they set their egos aside, setting each other up routinely even if there was a clear shooting opportunity.If Neymar hadn’t scored, Messi would find him or let him take a penalty and if Messi hadn’t scored, Ney would do the same.But now it’s over. Maybe Neymar wants to be the star man, maybe he wants a new challenge, or maybe his dad is forcing his hand. As a football fan, it’s sad we won’t be able to watch these two produce their wizardry anymore, but all good things must come to an end.We got to witness 4 years of pure magic as they complemented each other so brilliantly and we must now appreciate what we saw. Cruyff once warned that two kings couldn’t work in the same castle. Well for 4 years, Messi & Neymar proved him wrong.

Now He isn’t with us anymore, I wish him all the best for his future, May you get whatever it was you were missing at Barca.

Thank you for some amazing moments, Good bye Neymar Junior, Good bye Messi’s Friend!

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  1. Shankar da, you must write more often now! Fantastic

  2. Shankar Sapkota

    hehe thank you Sudesh,Of course learning from you day by day! 🙂

  3. Great one Shankar dai !?

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