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Barca Nepal for Children’s Betterment

Barca Nepal has kicked off its campaign after launching a six months project named ‘Sports for change’ which intends to make positive changes in behaviors of children through sports related activities. They are helping police public campaign for street children with some sports activities as well.
On the very day, Barca Nepal organized Futsal and interaction program with Kavre members for the initiation of social work.  

Barca Nepal’s social work department member, Sitaram Dahal informed that the event is being organized in Kavre to make the working area wide of the legally formed social organization from the central region.
At the program organized on Saturday, the Kavre members said that they organized the interaction program to discuss future plans for social works.

The campaign will kick off with donating old books to some government schools, organizing voluntary activities on different Jatras, blood donation and the possibilities research of the program, futsal tournament for a primary level government school, among others to be organized in coming six months or so.
As much as 30 members were present in the program.

Likewise, Members of Chitwan organized the event named “ Barca Nepal for Children’s Betterment  ” at police public campaign for street children by providing sport materials, fruits, clothes, among others to the orphans.

The program was organized for skills development of the orphan children from the age of 5-14. There are 40 children in the orphanage home.

One of the representative of Barca Nepal Chitwan, Kushal Lamichhane said that they are planning to gather as many members as they can to carry the campaign forward.

Educational related activities were shown in the program organized for the children.

On the chairmanship of another representative of Chitwan, the program was carried forward.

The program was also organized on a special initiation of Bimochan Paudel and Nitesh Ranabhat. Coordinator Poudel thanked everyone for helping to make the program a success.

Ranabhat, an active member of the fan club, also presented his singing skills in the program.

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