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Some ‘need to know’ things about Messi wedding

‘When will Leo Messi tie his knot?’, was one of the most enquired questions of the recent five years. Lionel Messi had just turned 30 last week and a plus point for not being involved in national duties, he has decided to marry his girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo in his birth country, Argentina.

Here are some things you need to know about their marriage:

The setting

It is believed that Messi had some motive in hanging out with his former teammate at Newell’s Old Boys, Lucas Scaglia during his time in Rosario. Antonella is a cousin of Scaglia and Leo’s relationship with him had extended with Leo’s interest in her as he wanted to spend more time with his fiancée.

It is known from many reports that Messi fell for Antonella the first time he saw her when they were even kids. Antonella was his love at first sight and some of his friends from childhood said when she was around, his expressions would change and he used to write romantic letters for her.

However, they never got into an official relationship while Messi was living in Rosario. And, it is very uncertain when things took off.

Various report say that the couple got together in 2004 but Antonella’s friend learned about their relationship back in 2007. There is some legit fact that Antonella moved to Barcelona in 2010, when the South Africa hosted the World Cup back then. They had two boys from that time, Thiago and Mateo.

The date and place

The couple will get married today at the City Center Complex in their hometown Rosario. The reception will be held at the same complex at the Pullman Hotel, a five star with a casino.

A big screen display will be set up outside the set-up, for the fans to watch the mega ceremony from a relatively safe distance. Messi and his wife were known to be very compact about the marriage, they wanted to do it when the right time comes and they believe this was the right moment. The Argentine couple chose to tie the knot in their hometown, even though, they have spent over half their life in Spain.

The invitees

There have been some reports that around 260 guests including some football stars names will be among the invitees. Each and every members of Barcelona’s first team squad have been invited to the grand event, though not all of them will attend the ceremony. Andre Gomes, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Denis Suarez have international duties to fulfil and Iniesta will be expecting his third baby. Fellow teammate, Luis Suarez, Neymar Jr and Gerrard Pique have committed to be there with his singer wife Shakira.

Former teammates, Dani Alves, Ronaldinho, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas have also been included in the guest list. Other than the Barca faithfuls, Sergio Aguero, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Angel Di Maria are said to be present in the wedding.

Rosario citizen Diego Vallejos with his family are also invited to the event. Vallejos said he was stunned to be among those called not famous despite being a friend of Leo.

The couple has asked all their invitees not to bring any gifts for their wedding and have requested their guests who wish to bring presents to instead donate money to the Leo Messi Foundation.

Food and entertainment

Diario Clarin reveals that the menu disclosed for the invitees at the celebrations today will have something grand in store.

Guiliano Poser, the Italian nutritionist, who Leo have worked with has slowly has been excluding unhealthy foods like Pizzas, Burgers and other fast-foods replacing them with other healthier options like Sushi, over the years.

However, the Argentine national has decide to put his health awareness in the bag for the special evening. Though there will be a sushi station, the menu will be compromised of a variety of breads, salads and cooked meats followed by traditional Argentine dishes and delicacies and steaks. Post the great dinner, the attention will then shift to drinks and entertainment. Two bands from Uruguay will be performing alongside singer, Karina Jesica Tejeda, who is also the partner of Messi’s Argentine colleague, Sergio Aguero.

Security and Media

The security detail is believed to be grand for the occasion. Some claim that Messi is keen to deliver the invitees to the celebration with utmost privacy and for that, he has recruited the help of a security team consisting of around 300 people including help from the police, which is bigger than the invite list. Security at the event will be supervised by the same squad of Israeli authorities used by him for his trips around the world.

Over a 100 journalists and media members have been granted authorization to cover the grand event. However, none of the hundred individuals will be permitted to access to any guests for the occasion.

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