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Season 16-17, a season of emotions.

Last season was a roller-coaster of events, emotions, and performances. We lost games that appeared relatively certain, we won games that were unimaginable to conceive, we cried, we fought, we celebrated, we cried again, we laughed; hell, if I was a betting man, and believed in the concept of clad iron certainties, I possibly would have lost my life savings.

We’ve seen views from fellow Clues, subjective enough to lead to the creation of a well-defined political spectrum, ripe with realists, pessimists, optimists etc. But there are things, as well as issues we have come to believe in… So, what challenges does our team now face and who’s to blame for our current dilemma? Some may say several players and/or Lucho, a few would blame it on Mr. Fernandez, and others would say the management. Isn’t it possible that the answer can be, all of the above? Considering that our current dilemma is as a result of mistake prone players, poor performances by some new recruits, Lucho’s experimental selection choices and tactical mishaps, management’s limited foresight, as well as the poor transfer initiatives by Mr. Fernandez. Is this a prospect you may have considered? Despite how rigorous this perspective might seem, it does not in any way illustrate my views, as I believe, the club’s current dilemma is much more multi-layered and intricate. Perhaps the pursuit of truth in this matter may not be a formidable objective, as it presents ominous challenges. Lets we forget, the truth is a perspective…

We’ve all witnessed the desolation of a Lucho’s managerial system, which was polarized with uncertainty, then reinforced by vigor, which later accumulated into an overwhelming or even an orgasmic series of events in his first season.

Two seasons later, and this system had plundered into ambiguity, cascading into the verge of uncertainty, in part by his doing, in part by shadows and characters operating behind the scenes. This has raised the stream of malcontent to newer levels, as well as characterized the periodic implosion of performances on the field; as a result of ineffective tactical plans created beforehand, which tend to be executed poorly. Their tendency to oversimplify rather complex structures has led to the cannibalization of functional footballing philosophies and systems to reinforce untested principles, and so far the results have been everything but satisfactory.

I have been saying it since more than one and half year…”Our destruction started as soon as we won our second treble.”

Problems do not just happen, they are a series of interconnected and correlated events. It’s extremely silly to think otherwise, which is why in broadly defined circumstances, it’s logical to plan for the worst i.e. a football season…

The reinforcements that champion the need to take on professional risks are elevated by the presence of frameworks, procedures, process matrices and strategic plans to serve as contingencies, in the situation where extremes do happen. Why would one take on a professional risk, if sufficient forecasting tools or regulatory systems do not exist?

I think everyone from the board to the senior team managerial staff has to take some responsibility for the current state of the team. Negative performance, lack of strategic and sustainable planning and its implementation. Critical managerial strategies was not adequately scrutinized, was too rigid and overestimated resulting in a mismatch in performance-based expectations and results. I could go on forever.

Either way, we can’t deny the sporadic performances we’ve witnessed this season, where most things were never the way they seemed at the time. However, with the drums of the 6-1 victory of Paris Saint-Germain at the Camp Nou, still in the minds of players, this season may just become a wildcard, one particularly menacing for a betting man. While last season was sad and disappointing it sure brought some iconic moments the comeback, the Messi. This season may not have been the most successful one but it sure bought some emotional moments for us Cules. Well, that’s football.
Do not care if we win or lose but care about the joy or disappointment you feel watching that game. Likewise, do not care about whether we win a trophy or not, care about the journey and emotions. Don’t carry a bag to grab trophies, but to grab memories. Carry a bag full of emotions. That’s what it means to be a Cules.

Thank you.

I will follow up with season preview for 2017/18 season.

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