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“ He could make an onion cry.”

” Where the insane becomes the routine with this man. He is nothing less than a ball whisperer. “

” You try to follow him on facebook, he comes out on twitter, that’s how evasive he is.”

” He gets his angles better than isosceles. My goodness! “

” Sweeter than a mother’s kiss at bedtime! “

” In The United States Of America, We Name Hurricanes By Name, If They Ever Name One Lionel Messi, You Better Evacuate. “

” What if Isaac Newton was watching this? He would say,’Boy was I wrong?

Feliz cumpleaños Leo !


Ray Hudson’s words make art even more artistic. But when words drop for Messi, words are privileged that they’ve got to describe this guy. Anyone of the above sections of commentary suggests us, Leo continues to build his legacy as not just the Best player of his generation, but the Best, most gifted and mystical player that has ever appeared in the beautiful game. An artistic genius, a piece of art that can turn a game on his own, Messi is one of a kind. Not only Lionel Andres Messi continues to amaze football fans all over the whole world, but continues to become invincible; not only with honors of individual distinction, but with all he has achieved and will in the coming days. Leo is a phenomenon for me, who forever will be the best to hit the pitch. His trophy haul barely does some injustice. The only thing missing from Leo’s cupboard of honors is a World Cup, for which Messi strives more than anything. None the less, this artistic genius is a dribbler, ball conjurer, architect, creator, playmaker and a lethal goalscorer. Leo is the only player compared consistently and continually compared with Diego Maradona and Pele. His skills keep him above anyone else that has ever played the game, he stands out as a peerless wealth that is valuable for football itself.

Leo, for me, stands out as an inspiration. For any forward, you are supposed to have a great structure and height. Messi, with a height of 5’7, reaches the footballing sky with pure footballing magic. Leo is the one who inspires me to never go down, keeping all the challenges that come. Leo is the one who filled me with emotions for the game. I see life in Leo’s game; a lesson, no matter how many defenders come in your way, you shall dribble them off. No matter how many obstacles come your way, you shall dump them out. The determination you see in Leo’s eyes tell us a story; to keep your aim on the goals, not the excuses that tend to help. Leo’s runs tell us stories of struggle that you have to do before you actually can put yourself on satisfaction. Messi’s touches sanction everyone to consider the basics to move on to another galaxy of advancement. Just as a musician draws a plot for his music, Messi draws a set of genius moves on the pitch, with an ounce of the fanatic level of vision. This guy has it all in his gameplay, this guy is mystical. Not often you see more than ninety-five thousand people calling out an individual’s name; but this man has been doing this thing since he first emerged at the Camp Nou, every possible weekend. The Catalan press has been assigned a new job ever since they first recognized Messi; to write about him more than anyone else. You never ever are going to see a player that has it all despite all the weaknesses he had. You never ever are going to see an inspiration like him; an inspiration who teaches you to convert your shortcomings into invincible strength.

Messi always has been the source of inspiration for millions of us around the world. The Messiah: that carries Barcelona, Argentina, and hopes on his shoulders. The dominance Barca is showing starts and ends at Messi. Meanwhile, after single-handedly leading Argentina to three consecutive finals and four overall, Leo Messi still strives to fulfill a lie that Diego Maradona created in the minds of Argentines, a lie that states, ” Individual performance can win you a world Cup.” The agony of defeat ate Leo in such a passion that he nearly ended the international career. Still, Messi finds it difficult to even reach the stage he dreams of owning, an honor that he is ready to clinch substituting everything he owns till date. This nature of Messi is what I like the most, the type of behavior that teaches everyone to keep striving to keep winning.

Leo means authenticity with a natural style of art. He will go in the history books as the greatest ever among the galaxy of football stars. Leo, for me stands out as the ultimate King of The Footballing Gods, King of The Footballing Jungle, The Lionel.

The G.O.A.T. celebrates his 30th birthday today. All we wish is to see you play as much as we can, see you achieve everything you wish for. Hope you’ll continue your legacy and continue to be the Lionel that the world fears.

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Cule, A sports broadcasting aspirant.
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Sudesh Administrator
Cule, A sports broadcasting aspirant.
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